NVG Operator


Don’t depend on visible light for shooting! The Night Vision Operator Course is a Night Vision Training course designed to teach the shooter techniques to apply Night Vision Devices to tactical marksmanship. You will be trained how to effectively employ your weapon mounted Night Vision Device or head mounted Night Vision Goggles in a low visibility or no visibility environment. The Night Vision Operator course’s primary working environment will be IR, as a Night Vision Marksmanship course, so you will leave the course with a strong understanding of the fundamentals and techniques involved in engaging with Night Vision Devices. The shooter will also receive training in how to integrate visible light in IR low/no visibility engagements and Tactical Instruction on techniques and considerations. All techniques instructed are based on Special Operations techniques currently in use and/or validated in real world operations by the US’s premier counter-terrorism unit, 1st-SFOD-D.

* Costs can vary depending on location and class requirements

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