Small Unit Tactics

Duration2 Days


Small Units Tactics Course (Team Level)

The Small Unit Tactics Course is designed to teach the fundamentals of Team and Squad level tactics. You will be introduced to the same building block skills taught to Operators during training. Emphasis will be placed on the basic fundamentals and a firm understanding of tactics in order to build a solid base for more advanced training. The Tactics and Techniques taught in this course are the same tactics used and validated by conventional and Special Operations Units in Real World Operations and is taught by combat veterans with combat experience in them.

* Costs can vary depending on location and class requirements

Training Topics

  • Land Warfare Tactics
  • Principles of Patrolling
  • Individual Movement Techniques
  • Movement Formations
  • React to Contact
  • Break Contact
  • Contingency Drills
  • Use of Cover

Training Equipment

  • **No AP AMMO**
  • Vest or LBE
  • Suitable Outdoors Clothing
  • Boots/ Outdoors Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Eye Protection
  • Digital Ear Protection
  • Ability to Hydrate
  • Knee Pads
  • Elbow Pads (optional)
  • Ability to carry (min): 5 Magazines
  • Rifle suitable for training w/sling
  • Zeroed sight or optic
  • 5 rifle magazines (min)
  • 850 rounds Rifle (Min)
  • Weapon cleaning kit
  • Weapons oil
  • Inclement Weather gear (Rain/Cold)

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