Ephesians 6:11
Spiritual Training

Posted on: August 1, 20170

Our Spiritual preparedness goes hand in hand with our practical preparedness. The time we spend on the range training is important, but it is enhanced by purpose. Templar Order patron Bernard of Clairvaux wrote that the Templars were “a fearless knight, and secure on every side, for his soul is …

The CQB Distance Myth

Posted on: August 29, 20171

I often encounter individuals or agencies that have misperceptions about what CQB distance is. Often it drives their equipment choices, training, and preparation. I have even heard other trainers or Internet personalities guffaw at the suggestion that CQB does exist past 25yds. I hear many justify their 10.5” barreled SBR …

Operator Fundamentals Part 1

Posted on: July 2, 20162

Equipment Selection   “You don’t need a $2,500 rifle, you need a $700 rifle and $1,800 in training”. This is a popular quote or meme that has been floating around the internet for some time and while there is truth in it, it is also misleading. I always recommend to …


Posted on: July 18, 20160

(Yet. Read this first. Then buy it, right away).   With the recent terror attacks on civilians and police in America, there is a rush on a piece of equipment that you should have owned to begin with- Body Armor. In the recent days, I have been flooded with people …

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