Operator Fundamentals Part 1

Posted on: July 2, 20162

Equipment Selection   “You don’t need a $2,500 rifle, you need a $700 rifle and $1,800 in training”. This is a popular quote or meme that has been floating around the internet for some time and while there is truth in it, it is also misleading. I always recommend to …


Posted on: July 18, 20160

(Yet. Read this first. Then buy it, right away).   With the recent terror attacks on civilians and police in America, there is a rush on a piece of equipment that you should have owned to begin with- Body Armor. In the recent days, I have been flooded with people …

EMS Body Armor

Posted on: July 19, 20161

Yesterday’s article I wrote about body armor has sparked a lot of questions and conversation. I have been receiving constant Facebook messages and emails about it. It is obvious that there is a great amount of fear and concern with our Law Enforcement Agencies right now, and they are not …

The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Law Enforcement Tactics

Posted on: July 25, 20160

The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Law Enforcement Tactics   After the recent attacks on police, I wanted to write a piece on something that desperately needs to evolve in today’s Law Enforcement Agencies. I have no doubt that the overall point of the piece will be very contentious, …

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