Basic Close Quarters Battle (CQB)

Duration5 Days

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The Basic CQB Course is designed to teach the fundamentals of room entry. You will be introduced to the same building block skills taught to Tier 1 Operators during CQB training. Emphasis will be placed on the basic fundamentals and a firm understanding of tactics in order to build a solid base for more advanced training. You will leave this course with a solid understanding of the principles of CQB and the individual tasks when clearing rooms. This course established the fundamentals level to progress on to advanced CQB, Home Defense, Active Shooter and more. The skills will be presented in a manner where all training systems will be common, regardless of the environment and situation. Green Eye Tactical are custom in nature and tailored to the client’s needs and requests. All blocks of instruction can be modified and/or changed to suit the client’s requirements

Training Topics

  • CQB Fundamentals and Principles
  • Lethal Shot Placement
  • Shooting while moving Forward and Laterally
  • Lateral Target Transitions
  • Target Discrimination
  • Tactical Order of Engagement
  • 2 Man room Entry
  • 4 Man (Team) Entry
  • Movement to Breach Points
  • Assault Planning
  • Basic Clearance Procedures
  • Post Assault Procedures
  • Ground Window Entry
  • Hallways
  • Stairwells
  • Coordination Points
  • T and 4-Way Intersections
  • Follow on Targets
  • Site Exploitation
  • Contingencies

Course Pre-Requisites

  • Client must provide any and all medical and/or safety coverage required by their Agency
  • Client must be certified or authorized by their agency to conduct training
  • Client must be capable of operating all weapons used in training in a safe and competent manner

Course Equipment

  • Course Equipment requirements provided directly to client

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