Training for Civilians, Military, and LE

What is Green Eye Tactical?

Green Eye Tactical is a mobile training and consulting company, founded by Eric Dorenbush, a former 1st SFOD-D Operator, with the intent to adapt modern and combat-proven techniques to responsible Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilians.

Tactical Training for Civilians, Law, and Military

All of the training I offer is fundamentals based, following the same building block progression that Tier 1 Operators are trained. If you are looking for entertainment training or an easy button to progression, I am not who you are looking for.

Keeping in tradition with the way the Unit operates, I do not aggressively market off my name or accomplishments- they speak for themselves. Special Missions Units do not claim credit for accomplishments, they do not seek the adoration of the tactical community, and they do not promote themselves by bragging.

This is the approach I take, and it is the same approach that the Unit takes. For those who have taken my training, know: the quality of instruction speaks for itself. We can offer Standard or highly customized training.

Interested in Courses? We’ll come to you and set up a training event at your preferred location. Better yet, organize a course and you train free. Don’t forget to subscribe you the Green Eye Tactical YouTube Channel and Facebook page for updates.

About the Owner / Instructor

Eric is a U.S. Army Special Operations veteran with Extensive combat experience in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has served in the 82nd Airborne Division and 1st SFOD-D as an Operator. He has been instructing Special Operations personnel, Law Enforcement, Military and Civilians since 2010. He is also an NRA certified instructor and a Texas Concealed Carry Instructor.

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