High Angle Entry Fundamentals

Duration5 Days

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The High Angle Entry Fundamentals Course introduces the tactical team to the fundamentals of rappel/descent and vertical entry. You will be introduced to the same building block skills taught to Tier 1 Operators during training. Emphasis will be placed on the basic fundamentals and a firm understanding of tactics in order to build a solid base for more advanced training. Training will be integrated with CQB principles for hostage rescue. Explosive and Mechanical Entry Methods will NOT be covered at this level. Attendees will be instructed to conduct rappel/descent on an angled wall, vertical wall, then on a building. Attendees will be instructed in how to select and test anchor points, how to tie in, and how to descend. Attendees will be taught how to organize and position over the breach point and how to enter a window, balcony, or opening. "Hook and Climb", urban climbing, and ladder techniques may be added on request.

Course Pre-Requisites

  • Client must provide any and all medical and/or safety coverage required by their Agency
  • Client must be certified or authorized by their agency to conduct Vertical Entry Operation
  • Client must be capable of operating all weapons used in training in a safe and competent manner

Training Topics

  • Gear Selection, Inspection, and Setup
  • Ropes and Knots
  • Rappel/Descent Devices
  • Ground Rappel/Belay Training
  • Angled Wall Rappel/Belay Training
  • Vertical Wall Rappel/Belay Training
  • Auto-locking Descender Training
  • Ground Floor Window Entry
  • Team Descent
  • Order of Descent and Responsibilities
  • Double and Single Width Window Entries
  • Balcony Entry

Course Equipment

  • Course equipment provided to directly to client

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