Progressive Breaching Course

Duration5 days

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The Green Eye Tactical Progressive Breaching Course is designed to present operational units with essential skills at the fundamental level. The skills will be presented in a manner where all training systems will be common, regardless of the environment and situation. Green Eye Tactical are custom in nature and tailored to the client’s needs and requests. All blocks of instruction can be modified and/or changed to suit the client’s requirement. Training will take place using any and all of the client’s organic equipment, including but not limited to: leverage tools and rams, breaching shotguns, exothermic torches, hydraulic tools, and explosives. All techniques will be demonstrated, practiced Dry, and then conducted Live- using the standard Crawl, Walk, Run methodology. Tasks are organized in a Building Block Method that integrates and reinforced prior tasks into following tasks. The course will introduce attendees to tactics developed and proven by America’s most elite Special Mission Unit, 1st SFOD-D, adapted specifically to the operating environment of and the regulations governing the client.

Training Topics

  • Explosive Theory
  • Explosive Safety
  • Overpressure Effects and Blast Wave Propagation
  • NEW/MSD calculations
  • Target Assessment
  • Breaching Ladder of Escalation
  • Leverage Breaching
  • Ballistic Breaching (Shotgun)
  • Abrasive Breaching
  • Hydraulic/Air Bag Breaching
  • Exothermic Breaching
  • Initiation Systems Construction
  • Door Charge Construction
  • Window Charge Construction
  • Charge Placement
  • Breaching Procedures
  • Misfire Procedures
  • Practice (Dry) and Live Breaches

Course Pre-requisites

  • Client must provide any and all medical and/or safety coverage required by their Agency
  • Client must be certified or authorized by their agency to conduct all breaching methods
  • Client must be certified by their Agency to use explosives and initiators
  • Client must be capable of operating all weapons used in training in a safe and competent manner

Course Equipment

  • Course Equipment requirements provided directly to client

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