Television & Movie Consulting

There is no such thing as advanced shooting, there is only the advanced application of the basics. Solid fundamentals trained to muscle memory gives you the ability to focus more on the mission. A solid base of fundamentals provides the ability for marksmanship on demand in combat shooting. Special Operations training is Special Missions Units focuses on the fundamentals for this reason. All of the Marksmanship training offered by Green Eye Tactical are fundamental based.

Print Consulting

Developing a good military book can be difficult without knowledge of the inner workings of Special Operations Units and their missions. We can provide scalable consulting that meets your project’s needs and remain accessible should short notice demands occur to ensure that the creative process continues to flow. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Video Game Consulting

The video game industry need for realism is constantly increasing with more and more technically accurate games. You need subject matter experts to provide feedback on tactics, equipment and weapons to ensure that your game is positively received by the gaming community. We can provide remote or on site consulting that is scalable to your development cycle and on-demand. Contact us to talk about how we can help you.

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