Zero and Fundamentals Clinic

Duration1 Day


Just get a new rifle and need to set it up and zero it? Or do you just need to knock the rust off or re-confirm your data/zero? This is the course for you. We decided to list a one-day clinic to meet the needs of the shooting community. This is a clinic format event, where we will discuss ballistics, zeroes, and fundamentals. We will then use state of the art equipment to record accurate velocity data from your rifle and ammunition. Combined with your equipment data and measurements, we will plan an ideal zero distance for your application and produce a custom drop chart for your use. We will also spend time grouping at your zero distance while receiving fundamentals feedback. We will also confirm your zero at distance. Any rifle type and optic/scope/iron sight are welcome for this clinic.


Zero and Fundamentals Clinic

Duration: 0:49

New for 2017, leverage the latest technology to plan your zero and drop charts. Recieve expert instruction on marksmanship fundamentals.

Training Topics

  • Rifle Setup and Inspection
  • Ballistic Theory
  • Data Collection
  • Custom Zero Analysis
  • Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Grouping with Individual Feedback
  • Sight Correction
  • Distance Confirmation

Required Equipment

We have an Amazon Storefront to aid clients in acquiring gear they may need for training.

There are a number of lists on the storefront that correspond to the course they are taking, select the one appropriate for your needs. These Amazon lists SHOULD NOT be considered mandatory, you are not required to buy the specific brands or items. The lists should also NOT be considered a “buy all” as they contain optional gear and suggestions. Please contact Green Eye Tactical for questions.

  • Rifle with sights/scope/optic
  • 70 rounds for data collection, zeroing, and confirmation (DUTY/HUNTING/INTENDED USE ammo, if applicable. You may need more or less based on your performance
  • 100 rounds for extra grouping and fundamentals feedback (OPTIONAL, may be cheaper ammunition)
  • Shooting Mat (or carpet section)
  • Shooting Bag or Rest (Don't make zeroing harder than it needs to be)
  • Eye Protection (Bring corrective eyewear or contacts, if used)
  • Digital Hearing Protection (Howard Leight Impact Sports recommended)
  • Food/Water
  • Suitable Outdoor Clothing
  • Inclimate Weather Gear (NO WEATHER CANCELLATIONS, bad weather is an excellent opportunity to collect data and test your gear for less than ideal conditions)

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