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The Green Eye Tactical Mechanical Breaching Course is designed to present operational units with essential skills at the fundamental level. The skills will be presented in a manner where all training systems will be common, regardless of the environment and situation. Green Eye Tactical courses are custom in nature and tailored to the client’s needs and requests. The Mechanical Breaching Course will focus on forced entry techniques and fundamentals in a practical working environment. Training will be conducted using client's equipment, however Broco demo gear can be coordinated for training. At-cost Broco equipment sales are available with the purchase of training as well.

Training Topics

  • Equipment selection and gear assessment
  • Breaching target assessment
  • Breach point selection
  • Mechanical leverage techniques
  • Kinetic breaching techniques
  • Hydraulic breaching techniques
  • Ballistic breaching techniques
  • Operational techniques and approaches for emergency assault, collapsing cordons, and call-outs

Course Pre-Requisites

  • Client must provide any and all medical and/or safety coverage required by their Agency
  • Client must be certified or authorized by their agency to conduct all breaching methods
  • Client must be capable of operating all weapons used in training in a safe and competent manner

Course Equipment

  • Course Equipment requirements provided directly to client

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