Private Military Training & Private Law Enforcement Training

These private military training and private law enforcement training courses on this page are restricted to US LE and Military personnel only. Foreign Entities must have US DOS clearance to receive military tactical training or LE training. If you are a range facility or organization that is interested in hosting military training courses or an LE course, contact GreenEye using the Request Information form.

Surgical Explosive Entry

Operators will receive instruction on charges suitable for entry in a Hostage Rescue situation.

Mechanical Entry

The Mechanical entry course will introduce the operator to various mechanical means of entry.

Basic Close Quarters Battle (CQB)

The CQB Course will introduce the operator to individual and team movement into structures.

Advanced CQB

The Advanced CQB Course is designed for teams and Operators who already have a basic level of training in CQB.

Advanced High Angle Entry

The Advanced High Angle Entry Course introduces the ALREADY VERTICAL ENTRY CERTIFIED TEAM to the tactics of high risk vertical entry. Explosive and Mechanical Entry Methods will be covered.

Non-Lethal Aerial Interdiction

The Non-Lethal Aerial Interdiction Course presents proven techniques, used to enable a positive stop of a vehicle from a helicopter allowing departments to employ surgical force and preserve life.

Basic Fast Rope Insertion / Extraction System

The Basic Fast Rope Course will Train and Certify the untrained Operator in Fast Rope Techniques. The course will use US Army Special Operations training progression and methodology, which has been proven and validated.

Advanced Fast Rope Insertion / Extraction System

The Advance Fast Rope Course is designed to train the CURRENT AND CERTIFIED Operator in Advanced Fast Rope techniques. Operators will be introduced to confined space insertion points.

Fast Rope Master Course

The Fast Rope Master course is designed to train Unit SME’s and Team Leaders in Fast Rope Operations.

Notes: Training courses can be closed (open only to the booking agency), or open with the cost shared between agencies.

Update: Agencies who host training will receive free training slots based on the number of personnel they book from other agencies


Active Military and LE Only

Only active military and LE individuals will be allowed to participate in military training course or law enforcement courses. All attendees must email a scanned copy of their CAC or Credentials before booking confirmation.

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