Counter Surveillance Tactics

Duration3 Days


Counter Surveillance and Threat Detection

The Counter Surveillance and Threat Detection Course is designed to teach the principles and techniques necessary to detect surveillance, threats, and communicate undetected in urban areas. This course is designed to provide skills that will enable anyone from the international traveller to the prepper for societal collapse, to operate in a permissive to semi-permissive environment .

This course is currently conducted in Washington D.C. area. This unique venue gives the student excellent immersion in conducting Surveillance Detection and Threat Awareness over large and realistic areas, using public transportation. The area also utilizes popular historic sites around D.C. as an added bonus for the student.

The general format for this course has the student flying in to Reagan National Airport early on a Friday morning and taking the metro to a designated hotel. The students will be given extensive classroom instruction on various topics. Daily and nightly instructor and student led practical exercises will take place across the Alexandria, Washington D.C., and Georgetown areas.

Students will expect to be walking significant distances on all three days and must be prepared to do so in inclimate weather.

**This is an enhanced vetting course. All attendees will be required to submit proof of criminal background check, copies of State/Federal identification, and complete an applicant questionnaire. Specific details of this training will not be disclosed to anyone who has not completed the application process. We reserve the right to refuse this training to anyone, for any reason, without explanation**

Training Topics

  • Types and Purposes of Surveillance
  • Surveillance Principles
  • Threat Awareness and Assessment
  • Recognizing Surveillance
  • Surveillance Detection Routes
  • Covert Communications

Course Requirements

  • Copy of State or Federal Identification
  • Copy of CHL or State/Local Criminal History Report
  • Applicant Questionnaire

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