Land Navigation Fundamentals Class

Duration2.5 Days


Land Navigation Fundamentals

The Land Navigation Fundamentals course teaches the fundamentals of Map Reading, Terrain Association and Dead Reckoning. This Land Navigation Training course is appropriate for all age and skill levels- families welcome.

Attendees will be introduced to various types of maps and how to read them. Training will also include how to plot and read points on a map, how to measure linear and non-linear distance, how to establish pace counts, Compass use, Dead Reckoning, and Terrain Association. Attendees will receive practical application exercises on land navigation over terrain in instructor led and student led routes. This course can be hosted anywhere on Private or Public land.

* Costs can vary depending on location and class requirements

Training Topics

  • Map Reading and Characteristics
  • The Grid Coordinate Systems
  • Protractor Use
  • Field Protractor Construction
  • Point Plotting
  • Measuring Map Distance
  • Route Planning
  • Pace Count
  • Lensatic Compass Use
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Terrain Association
  • Instructor Led Routes
  • Individual Routes

Mandatory Equipment

  • Compass (CAMMENGA MODEL 3H TRITIUM LENSATIC COMPASS is strongly recommended)
  • Method to Hydrate on the move
  • White light flashlight or headlamp
  • Eye protection (clear lenses mandatory for night, tinted lenses for daytime)
  • Food and Water for each day’s training

Recommended Equipment

  • Staedtler Fine Tip Permanent Markers (with eraser pen)
  • Waterproof Map Case
  • Mechanical pencils
  • 3x5 Cards
  • Cliff Bars or food for on the move

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