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There is no such thing as advanced shooting, there is only the advanced application of the basics. Solid fundamentals trained to muscle memory gives you the ability to focus more on the mission. A solid base of fundamentals provides the ability for marksmanship on demand in combat shooting. Special Operations training is Special Missions Units focuses on the fundamentals for this reason. All of the Marksmanship training offered by Green Eye Tactical are fundamental based.

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What makes operators great is not that they can do advanced tasks, it is that they can perform the basic tasks perfectly in complex scenarios. This is the same approach to tactical training that our nations premier counter-terrorism Unit, 1st SFOD-D (Delta), takes. Our courses will focus on reinforcing basic tasks while performing advanced training, producing the most immediate gains in efficiency.

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Custom Training

Green Eye Tactical can design and implement custom training solutions that meet your needs. Training can be conducted anywhere, anytime. Custom training can include any single or combination of topics, and will be customized to you. Get the tactical training you need.

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